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A run down of the best vegan restaurants Liverpool

Trying to go vegan this month? see the listed below for some of the best vegan restaurants Liverpool. There is something for everyone, from cafes to restaurants as well as your favourite cheat day meals. Going vegan doesn’t have to mean missing out and these locations prove you can have your cake & eat it.

You may be thinking to yourself what’s the point I don’t plan on going completely vegan? well do you know the facts about veganism? Because even just 1 day a week can massive make a difference over a year. The stats: One person eating vegan just one day per week saves approximately 40lbs of grain (which could feed hungry populations around the world), 1100 gallons of water, 30 square feet of forest, and one animal. To put that into context, 1100 gallons is equivalent to almost 4 months’ worth of showers

Now that’s 1 small change that could make a massive difference to the environment we live in.

January 15, 2022


Vibe Cafe

Unit 1a, Chancery House, Paradise St, Liverpool L1 3HE

This Completely plant-based cafe is Fairly new on the Vegan scene in Liverpool but what it lacks in age it makes up for in taste. From Vegan breakies to yummy pasta’s this is the perfect place to try a vegan meal that isn’t trying to be something it’s not. Also, their range of cakes and ice cream is amazing.


Unit 4, Britannia Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD
From sweet potato wedges to braised rice and lentils, Maray boasts a plentiful and eclectic vegan menu that’s sure to get you drooling. Drawing inspiration from many parts of the globe, Maray’s dishes will be unlike anything you’ve already tasted. Throughout January, Maray are offering 50% off all vegan and veggie dishes from Monday to Thursday

Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen

The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AA

Whether you’re after a grab-and-go lunch or a laid-back main, several vegan goodies can be found at Peaberry, including colourful smoothie bowls, salt and pepper cauliflower, Akuri, and skillet-baked Ratatouille. So next time your walking around the dock why not pop.


Atlantic Pavilion Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AE

Bringing mouth-watering Mexican dishes to the dock, Madre champion local and sustainable produce. Vegan delights include Tacos Nopales a la plancha, complete with grilled cactus, and why not go try their sweet mango and chilli salad too.

Guac n' Roll

12-14 Gildart Street, Liverpool L3 8ET

All I’m going to say is check out their Instagram and look at the salt and pepper “chicken” because oh my this looks amazing. This is another one for the naughty vegan meals. absolutely everything on the menu sounds amazing so a great place to start if you haven’t ever picked a vegan option off a menu before. Looking at the menu I can see why this could be a contender for best vegan restaurants in Liverpool.


Edward Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AF

Gusto boasts a wide selection of vegan goodies while bringing classic Italian flavours. Choose from burgers and pizza, with a range of sides and nibbles to accompany your feast. Throughout January, Gusto will also be offering 50% off their A La Carte and Party Menus this Jan for their Gold Members, which is completely free to join here:

The old hardwear shop

8 Woolton Street. Woolton Village Liverpool L25 5JA

This lovely little Cafe in Woolton is completely plant-based and offers an amazing range of treats from breakfasts, toasties, hot dogs & salads. They also have some delicious looking vegan cakes and drinks so whether you want brunch or just fancy a slice of cake and a coffee next time you’re in Woolton Village it’s worth a visit. A very big contender for being one of best vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

Rosa's Thai Cafe

Britannia Pavilion, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD

For authentic Thai dishes, Rosa’s Thai Café is the place to go. Offering some versions of its most popular dishes, choose mains like green or red Thai curry, Massaman or Penang curry made with tofu, or share a platter of fresh summer rolls, sweetcorn cakes and pumpkin crackers.

Planet Vegan

77 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UP

This is arguably one of best vegan restaurants in Liverpool. This America style dinner offers vegan alternatives to all your fast-food favourites from burgers to burritos. Vegan doesn’t always mean healthy so when your feel naughty doesn’t mean you can eat vegan. Also, their desserts look insane to check out their Instagram for some serious vegan food porn. You can order for delivery too so if you are hungover and don’t want to leave the house it’s perfect for that too.

Titanic Hotel

Stanley Dock, Regent Rd, Liverpool L3 0AN

You don’t have to be staying over to Dine-in decadence for Veganuary at Titanic Hotel’s restaurant, Stanley’s Bar and Grill. Start with their tangy tomato and basil soup, then move on to their butternut squash and chickpea curry. Finally, indulge yourself with a vegan sticky toffee pudding alongside ice cream.

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January 15, 2022