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Spas near Birmingham – A Spa Day at Fairlawns Hotel in Aldridge, Walsall.

February 15, 2022


What I loved about it:

I knew instantly I was going to enjoy myself at Fairlawns. From the minute we stepped into the immaculate spa reception and were handed our itinerary, it all ran like clockwork. The extremely personable manager efficiently talked us through how the day was going to run, the spa treatments we would be having, and explained that some extra perks had been added. We couldn’t wait to get started!

When I am experiencing something special, such as a spa day I do expect the standard of service to be high, to match the quality of the facilities and the treatments. It is important that the day is well organised, and that guests’ requirements are met for them to feel relaxed. This is exactly what we got at Fairlawns. Nothing was too much trouble (even though I asked to move one of our treatments to a different time slot and moved our lunch forwards) and we were given extra towels when needed. Food and drinks were available on tap for the whole day.

The spa itself was set up to perfection. Arriving at this wing of the hotel was like entering a world of serenity. The décor was calming and twinkling so it felt rather magical, and there are enough different areas to lose yourself in there- not just metaphorically!

Around 11a.m after changing into our swimwear and the soft towel robes that we were provided with; breakfast was our first treat. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the day than creamy yoghurt with granola and fruit, a decadent pastry and a strong cup of coffee. Then off we went to explore the facilities.

On stepping out of the changing rooms you are in the welcome area which is also the meeting point for treatments. You then enter the hydrotherapy suite through another door and are presented with a foot spa area to wash / bathe the feet. On the left are some steam rooms of differing temperatures, and to your right is the tepidarium which is an instant attraction due to the mesmerising wall of colourful bubbles inside. The curved seats gently heat as you relax, and you are encouraged to rub your body with ice on your departure to fully awaken the senses! There is also an ice shower to be found alongside more ‘experience’ showers.

Certainly not all spa hotels near Birmingham or indeed in the West Midlands will have such a range of facilities as Fairlawns. Other highlights include the two outdoor jacuzzies, the salt room (also lit up with changing-coloured lights) and the saunas. Being an Instagrammer, I really enjoyed the egg-shaped wicker pods that dotted the spa garden as they made an excellent photo frame. I thought that the whole facility was thoughtfully appointed in this way and there were plenty of luxurious nature-inspired touches and photo opportunities. If you do wish to work up a sweat beforehand, you are able to take advantage of the gym, health club and other leisure facilities. For locals, it may be worthwhile to take advantage of Fairlawns memberships.

After we had spent some time in the water and swam a few lengths of the pool, we had built up an appetite again and were also ready for a glass of fizz. There is a snack bar at the pool, however when on a spa day, food is included in the cost. For meals, tables are reserved for guests at their allotted time in the dining room. You are also able to eat in the lounge area for a more relaxed vibe. The lunch was a piece of salmon, grilled to perfection, soft and buttery new potatoes, succulent chicken and vegetable kebabs with a selection of fresh salads and coleslaw. Warm rolls and butter were also available, and you were offered a second helping if you had room!

After lunch we had a long leisurely hour or so to allow our food to settle before we were expected for our Aqua massage, so we went for a little snooze on the loungers near the poolside. Alternatively, we could have chosen to chill out in the lounge or the snug. Aqua massage is a twenty-minute treatment that I have never experienced before so I didn’t quite know what to expect! However, you are asked to lie on a waterbed in a private room whilst relaxing music plays to you through headphones. Your bed then starts the massage itself! So, it is quite gentle, yet effective and you do come out feeling a lot less tense than you went in!

Last on our agenda was the mud treatment room, and I have to say that this was my favourite! The room is set up with a variety of different muds in little dishes surrounding the walls of the ‘wet room’. When the experience starts, you are to follow the instructions and spread each area of your body with the relevant colour of mud. This starts with the softer white mud for the face, through to the grainy grey mud that is rubbed into the dryer areas such as knees and ankles. After you are fully covered in mud, the steam in the room begins to rise and as you sit in the warm, moist steam, the mud works its magic on your pores and complexion! The steam will rise and fill the room for approximately twenty minutes, after which the warm ‘tropical rain’ will fall and wash it all away.

Finally, it was time for our afternoon tea and cake. We tried a little of everything including two very popular choices a red velvet cake and a chocolate brownie! As you can imagine, we were completely satiated, with full tummy’s, relaxed minds and muscles and all set for a quiet evening reflecting on our day.


If you are looking for spas near Birmingham, the location is perfect. It took us only 30 minutes and is roughly the same time from Birmingham city centre. Fairlawns makes an ideal place for a luxury hotel, as it is situated in quiet and beautiful countryside but with easy access from the city. It certainly makes a drive with a view! The spacious plot allows for a generous building with plenty of space for the wealth of facilities that are on offer there and more than adequate car parking. If you do wish to stay for longer, there is an option to make your spa day into a spa stay and spend a night or two in the hotel. There are plenty of nearby local attractions too Drayton Manor Theme Park and Chasewater Country Park for example are within a twenty-minute drive, as is everything that Sutton Coldfield has to offer.

Suitable for:

For spas near Birmingham that are suitable for all, Fairlawns is a fantastic pick. I would recommend this for couples, singles, groups of girls, mothers and daughters, families. Some of the treatments would not be suitable for children however they would still be able to enjoy the swimming pool and a stay at the hotel. The minimum age for use of the spa facilities and treatments is 16. I have noticed that there is even a peaceful pregnancy package!

Value for money (out of 10):



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This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

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February 15, 2022