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Review: Luminate light trail Southport

December 13, 2021


What I loved about it:

The staff were so friendly the whole way around the trail. There are speakers around the park playing whimsical music and this made it feel all the more magical.


Victoria Park, Rotten Row, Southport PR8 1RX

Suitable for:

Suitable for the whole family, Couples, Pram Friendly, Wheelchair Friendly

Value for money (out of 10):



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Our trip to Luminate in Southport

I was kindly gifted a family ticket to Luminate light trail in Southport to review last weekend so we wrapped up warm and headed off to Southport for the night.

I didn’t tell Maisie where we were going but as soon as we pulled up and all the trees were lit up like a rainbow forest, she knew Straight away and was so excited to get out of the car. If you live local and have driven past Victoria park at night you will have seen how magical it looks.

As you walk into the park you’re greeted by the lovely staff and a selection of stalls. Here is the perfect spot to get yourself a hot chocolate or warm doughnuts to keep you toasty on the trail.

You could tell by the level of staff onsite as well stalls it was very well organised with over 800 people attending per day, they have arranged it so that you wouldn’t ever feel crowded even if there is a lot of people in attendance.

One thing with some of these light trail events popping up all over the UK they sometimes aren’t expecting or prepared for the footfall. Have you ever ended up spending like 45 minutes queuing for hot chocolates the kids begged for to then be herded around like cattle and you didn’t even have a chance to enjoy it? Our trip was the total opposite it was relaxed, it wasn’t too busy and we got to walk around and enjoy the spectacular lights and interactive sections at our own leisure.

One thing you will enjoy is that many of the lights are interactive which is great for the kids. Maisie loved the rainbow stepping stones that were inside of a light-up dome. You have to fill out your Christmas wish on the make a wish installation. I and Maisie did these and her wish was for it to be her birthday every day. I wished for a peaceful Christmas and somehow Maisie’s seems more likely.

It’s a lovely festive thing for you to do with the whole family. If you have smaller children or a baby don’t be put off just because they can’t interact doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the lights. Whether it’s from their pram or baby carrier the lights will be sure to capture their attention.

If you’re a bit too far out from Southport, there is also a Luminate event taking place in Walton gardens just on the outskirts of Warrington this year too so check out the link below.


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December 13, 2021