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The newest fun and educational day out. Bonus it's only a 15 minutes drive or boat ride from Liverpool city centre.

November 13, 2022


What I loved about it:

The tickets are also annual passes meaning you can enjoy them for a whole year.


Wallasey, Wirral

Suitable for:

all ages (with great accessibility for wheelchair/pram users)

Value for money (out of 10):



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My kids loved this place and yours will too.

I’m not sure who was more excited about this, me or the kids. The new Eureka! The science and discovery centre can be found located on the Seaforth ferry terminal. Perfect if you are visiting Liverpool city centre, you can hop on the Mersey ferry over. I think next time I visit I’m going to surprise the kids with the ferry ride over as it’s always a favourite. Also probably works out cheaper than parking.

There is plenty of parking including disabled parking to the front and rear of the centre however it is pay and display. The only upside to this is that it accepts contactless card payments so no silly apps or phone and pay. I think I paid £5 for 6 hours which was more than enough.

The kids didn’t have any idea where we were going but I had shown Maisie some of the photos on their Instagram to get her excited. I have a reel on my Instagram so if you want to do the same with your kids check it out.

From the moment we got in there the staff were amazing. We were one of the first families in at 10am so it was still pretty quiet. I wasn’t complaining about that it was nice to get a good peaceful look around. One of the first things you’re greeted with is a giant sun on the way up the stairs. Frrom there you will see a stunning glass wall with views overlooking the river Mersey and Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.

The way it’s split up makes it not too overwhelming for the kids and allows them to interact and take in all of the science around them without wanting to rush through to the next area.

There is a large treehouse for the kids to explore and climb up giving them a fantastic view of the centre. You will also find lots of information about woodland animals including what their poo looks like which Maisie found HILARIOUS!

From giant kettles to learning all about solar power. As well as all the other amazing ways we can make renewable energy. This is such a great learning tool for the next generation to learn how to not waste energy and how to save it. The bathroom DJ wall was a hit with the kids as they can pick a song to listen to in the shower and explained how the water makes its way around the bathroom.

There are two floors and on the bottom floor, you will find lots of science activities and interactive installations all about biology and physics. From a giant brain to pinball machines they have done such an amazing job at making this a fun and educational experience.

Currently, the Cafe isn’t open until Jan 2023 so take some dinner with you as the make-and-create space has a pop-up coffee shop and seating area. This is pretty basic though with just hot drinks, crisps and biscuits. I did manage to have an oat milk latte while the kids stuffed their faces with ginger nut biscuits so I was happy.

I would say this is a good half-day activity, so if you are in Liverpool and you get the ferry over, that would make it a fantastic day out. If you plan to drive I would say to plan it as a half-day activity and maybe add it with something else on the Wirral.

My top tip would be to get there when it opens so it’s a bit quieter we went and found a Mcdonald’s to drive back and after lunch it was busy.

There is a gift shop and I let them have £1-2 each as they had lots of cheap items to pick from. It is avoidable on the way out and it’s not that big if you don’t want to look around you 100% don’t have it. Maisie got a pencil and notepad and has loved drawing in it since we got home.

The waterfront is windy so you might be tempted to all put your coats on. However once inside it’s lovely and warm and there isn’t a locker or pram store that I saw while there so if you don’t want to cart them around remember to leave them in the car.

I have some more photos over on my Instagram linked below so check out my highlight “Museums & Exhibitions”. Make sure to follow me too for more great family-friendly places to visit in and around Liverpool.

A great cost-saving tip would be to check your Tesco Clubcard. It works out that 50p gets you a £1.50 voucher for Eureka! so depending on if you have many points this could work out as a free day out for any day of the year.

If you do visit off the back on reading my review I would love you to tag me on Instagram.


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November 13, 2022