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Halloween Horror at The Howl Scream Park in Bedfordshire

October 10, 2023


What I loved about it:

An adrenaline pumping scare experience, a fantastic fun night out in the run up to Halloween.


Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Suitable for:

Groups of friends or families with teenage kids

Value for money (out of 10):



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Howl Scream Park offers a hair-raising adventure with a taste of the macabre. The immersive atmosphere and well-designed haunted attractions make it a thrilling destination for those seeking a heart-pounding Halloween experience.

The park features a variety of haunted houses and mazes, each with its own unique theme and storyline. The attention to detail in the design and the commitment of the actors to their roles create a genuinely frightening experience.

The mazes swap between being scarily dark, so smoky you can’t see in front of you or with frantic strobe lighting, each a terrifying setting which, combined with the actors screaming, cackling and jumping out at you at regular occurrences provides an adrenaline pumping experience which is not for the faint hearted.

Tickets also include entry to the Circus of Horrors which features a range of alternative performances including Sword Swallowers, Contortionists, Voodoo Acrobats, Fire acts and much more.
We were really impressed with the energy of the actors taking part in the street theatre outside of the mazes, who all looked fantastic and kept in their roles to the tee, complete with relevant accents, stances and behaviourisms.

Get a group of friends together for this really fun night out. Tickets start at just £18, however I would definitely recommend that you plan your night in advance, taking into account the circus times and go for a higher tier ticket that includes fast track entry into the mazes in order to make the most of your time there.


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October 10, 2023