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Vegan Leeds - Where to find the best vegan food in and around the city.

Whether you’re doing Veganuary, you’re in it for the planet, the animals, the health benefits or just for the taste, eating vegan has never been easier.

Leeds is a very vegan friendly city, in fact, with so many incredible vegan cafes and restaurants it can be difficult to decide where to eat!

I’ve pulled together a list of my favourite venues here, to help you choose.

If you’re enjoying Vegan Leeds and you find one that I’ve missed then please let me know – I love discovering new places!

January 9, 2022


JJ's Vish & Chips

Kirkstall Road

JJ’s has a classic fish and chip shop set-up, mostly take-away, with a small seating area outside in the milder weather. They serve absolutely THE BEST vegan ‘fish’ and chips that I have ever tasted.

Hands down.

No competition.

I crave this food when I’m out of town, every vegan fish and chips meal that I try gets compared to JJ’s, it’s just so good!

JJ’s is a great alternative to the big chain fast-food options that abound in Kirkstall. The chips are the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The Vish is delicious, perfect texture and just briney enough in golden batter. Oh, and try the cheezy bean ball and the svam fritter if you want a little something extra on the side. Delicious.

Vegan only – No, they serve halloumi, from a separate fryer.
Vibe – Genuine fish and chip shop vibe, you can even get scraps!
Veganuary deal – Vish or No Meat boxes with sauce and a drink £7 for collection orders

Knaves Kitchen

Call Lane

Into the city centre now, to Oporto on Call Lane. In their restaurant, Knaves Kitchen, you’ll find vegan street food at it’s finest. All the better for being enjoyed in a bar that has been a cornerstone of Leeds nightlife for more than 20 years and a great place to enjoy live music or big screen action.

If you’re sharing, try ‘Get Plattered’ an amazing spread of different dishes. The loaded fries are huge make sure you’re hungry if you order them. This food is so perfectly ‘dirty vegan’ just add a cold beer and it’s the ideal cure for a hangover!

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Laid back rock n roll
Veganuary deal – Weekly 50% off deals, see Instagram for details

image reproduced with permission

Döner Summer

Call Lane

The second venue on Call Lane, vegan Leeds is thriving in the Corn Exchange quarter!

As the name suggests, kebabs are the mainstay of the menu here and they are GLORIOUS. The aioli alone is a vegan work of art.

If you like your food spicy, may I recommend the Nashville Hot Kebab, with their signature buttermylk chick’n. It’s spicy and sharp and satisfies the need for a bit of heat nicely.

The portions here are huge. I once got a take-out from here for lunch and I couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day!

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Relaxed and funky, lots of exposed brickwork and greenery.
Veganuary deals – The Burger Project is happening throughout January, follow them on Instagram for more details


New Road Side

Scoffs is a cute little bakery style café on New Road Side in Horsforth. They’re open for breakfast and lunch, and they have a newly launched ‘take home for tea’ range too. So, eat in or take-out they have you covered for every meal.
Scoff’s eggs are something of a local legend, and my kids absolutely RAVE about the huge donuts. Ok, full disclosure, so do I!

I love that you walk in and you can see everything under the glass counter, in the chiller cabinet and the bread boxes, and everything that you see is vegan. No checking the labels, no asking for this or that, but without cheese or mayo or whatever, it’s all good!

If you’re out Horsforth way you should definitely give them a try.

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Bright and colourful neighbourhood cafe
Veganuary deals – Breakfast McScoffin, hashbrown and drink £5, Mega donut and hot drink £5.

image reproduced with permission

The Old Red Bus Station

Vicar Lane

Known for the music as well as the food, the Old Red Bus Station is a friendly and welcoming space, showcasing art and vegan food to it’s best advantage!

Vegan fast-food is the story here, their vegan burgers and fries represent some of the best value for money in vegan found that I’ve found in the city, served with a great choice of craft beers.

Kids eat free every Saturday from 4pm

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Electric beats, contemporary art and relaxed atmosphere
Veganuary deals – Check Instagram for deals and theme nights


Mill Hill

Tucked away on Mill Hill, Bundobust is an amazing Indian street food venue. I think Bundobust really comes into it’s own after a Saturday afternoon shlep around the shops. The food has such a fresh, spicy kick to it, and with a cold beer it gives you the perfect lift after a long day on your feet! The dishes are served in individual pots which makes sharing super easy too.

I have recently discovered that they have a recipe book, and I am about to attempt to recreate their okra fries – the absolute BEST snack with a cold drink!

Vegan only – No, vegetarian dishes are available here
Vibe – Casual, laid back, great benches if you’re in a group.
Veganuary deals – Meatless Farm products available for a limited time

Meat Is Dead

Kirkstall Road

I love this place. When it first opened, I remember a friend saying ‘that name is a bit controversial’ and I was confused. Meat IS dead, where’s the controversy?

Anyway, the food is incredible.

If you have embraced vegan food to benefit your health, this is the place for you. Meat is Dead is proudly junk-free. The menu is seasonal, and you should expect lots of vegetables, showcased to their best advantage in herbs and spices, tangy sauces and tantalising soups and chowders. You won’t find any mock-meat here.

The Sunday roast – my favourite is the Beet Wellington – is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, and if you can manage a desert after that, then you are doing better than me!

It’s not all health-food goody-goody though, the drinks menu is extensive and includes cocktails. Meat is Dead is home to Leeds first entirely vegan bottomless brunch too. Cheers!

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Bright and airy, lots of space to get a group together and share some dishes
Veganuary deals – Different deals available, check Instagram for details. NHS and student discount year round.

Brown's Greens

Harrogate Road

In Rawdon, Brown’s Greens is a picture-perfect local café at the heart of the community. Bustling and busy, this café is dog-friendly and has a children’s menu too. No wonder it’s so popular! The home-made soups and the colourful salad bowls are the perfect size for a filling lunch that won’t leave you feeling sluggish.

Brown’s Greens has cute, mis-matched crockery and chairs, lots of colourful tiles and a super friendly welcome that creates a warm atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends over a cup of tea and some cake, or just to watch the world go by.

Vegan only – No, serves vegetarian too
Vibe – Well-loved community café, buzzing with good vibes.
Veganuary deals – Check facebook for current offers & theme nights

image reproduced with permission

Punk Vegan

Brudenell Road

In Hyde Park, Punk Vegan is a café-style vegan dream! From toasties, pizza and wraps to burgers and veg bowls, you can be a ‘dirty vegan’ and indulge your junk food cravings or go healthy and opt for a burrito bowl, colourful and bursting with goodness.

It really is possible to ‘eat the rainbow’ here, even the bread buns come in different colours, and you should see the colour palette of their super food lattes!!

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Hyde Park chic, cute wooden benches, street art and no pretensions
Veganuary deals – 20% off orders for collection, placed over the phone or in person.

The Greenhouse Horsforth

Town Street, Horsforth

On the busy town street, the Greenhouse is a welcoming café where you can find hand-made cakes that really make you question if they are vegan or not. You really cannot tell! (I know, I’ve tested them on unwitting family members and friends!)

It’s a great stop for breakfast, I can vouch for the pancakes, but where the Greenhouse really comes into it’s own is their waffles.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I took the boys for one of these after we’d been in Horsforth Hall Park one day, and now they want one every single time! Which is ok with me because I love them too. Served on a plate or curled into a cone, with vegan ice cream and fresh strawberries, they are so satisfying!

Vegan only – Yes
Vibe – Local café with cosy atmosphere
Veganuary deals – Follow them on Instagram for up-to-date information

Thinking of visiting Leeds?

Leeds is a fabulous city to visit, vegan or otherwise.
If you’ve enjoyed reading about vegan Leeds and you’re looking for ideas of places to stay and things to do while you’re in the city, check out my guide to 48 hours in Leeds.
It’s packed with tried and tested activities, hotel suggestions and lots more, everything you need to get the most out of your time here!

Thanks for reading!

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January 9, 2022