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Vegan Lake District - Amazing Vegan and Vegetarian Food in The Lake District

If you’re looking for some of the most amazing vegan/vegetarian food on offer in The Lake District and some great alcohol-free/low alcohol breweries thrown in for good measure. Whether you are taking part in Veganuary, Dry January, changing some habits for your health or the environment or just trying something new, there are LOADS here for you to sink your teeth into.

January 9, 2022


Chesters By The River

When I asked on Instagram this was the most popular choice for vegan food, and rightly so. It’s a regular stop for me whether that’s for a takeaway pastry and coffee or gone in for some incredible food (or both!)
The menu has so much choice on it that anyone will love it, no matter their dietary preference. It’s worth getting up early and going for breakfast/brunch too! Once you’ve eaten they have a great little shop full of gifts, homeware and more.


This is the go-to place for vegan and veggie food in Ambleside. Down one of the quieter lanes, you wouldn’t believe you’re in the middle of a busy Lake District town. The food is always fresh, creative and delicious! Popping in for breakfast, lunch or a sweet afternoon treat is always a pleasure and you can even pick up a vegan beer or two!

Grasmere Gingerbread & Kendal Mint Cake

Probably the two most well-known exports from The Lake District but did you know they are both vegan? You can pick Kendal Mint Cake up from most local food shops in the Lakes as well as most tourist information points.
However, you can only pick up Grasmere Gingerbread from one small shop in Grasmere Village. They both make perfect snacks for adventures and also gifts to take home for loved ones. Both can be ordered online too if you’re missing that hit!


Based in Keswick, the fellpack is a hit with locals and visitors alike. Their fresh, seasonal and creative menu is always an inspiration and I love taking people there when they come to visit.
Although their menu isn’t fully vegan or veggie, there are loads of yummy options that stay away from the ‘usual’ or predictable options that are normally seen on a vegan menu. The team there are great for local knowledge and if you’re into your running they even have their own challenge!

The Yard Kitchen

Penrith is a busy town that’s got a lot of options to eat but set in Brunswick Yard, a newer development in the town, the Yard Kitchen has some lovely food and sweet treats to satisfy you.
Again, not a full vegan menu but the range and quality of vegan and vegetarian food is outstanding. They are also very eco-conscious and have their own garden too. It’s somewhere I often pop to after doing the weekly shop to reward myself for all that shopping stress!


Again, in Ambleside, this would be a fantastic stop for the evening. Not only can you fill yourself up on ‘Vegeterranean’ food and then pop through to the adjacent cinema to watch the latest film or live-link theatre.
The menu will fill you up with veggie or vegan food with a distinctly Mediterranean twist. Great for a date night whilst you visit too!

Quice and Medlar

Just outside of the national park in Cockermouth you can hide away here for a date night to sample the amazing vegetarian and vegan tasting menu. This fresh and seasonal menu really celebrates the best of vegetarian food and what the country has to offer. Run by a passionate couple, you will be welcome here, no matter your dietary needs.

Kats Kitchen

Sitting right next to the river in the vibrant town of Keswick this is somewhere to take in the fantastic vegan food whilst also taking in the amazing views that surround it. All home-cooked and delicious, this is a must-visit for lunch. Here you can also find a pantry for dry foods to stock up on. The vegan cakes are incredible too!

Keswick Cheese Deli

Not somewhere you’d usually expect to find vegan options but this small business has some great vegan cheese and vegan hampers. Don’t worry if you’re not local, you can order these online too! The cheese deli is always busy with locals and visitors alike and there’s a huge range of regular cheese too. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Keswick.

Alcohol-Free/Low Alcohol Lake District Beers

Over 35 independent breweries in the Lake District and surrounding area. I’ve chosen a selection of the best low alcohol and alcohol-free beers we have to offer.

Hawkshead Brewery – Hawkshead Lighter Times

Bowness Bay Brewing – Swan Free

Lake Road Brunch

Another great option in Keswick, Lake Road Brunch with give you a mouth-watering experience. Great food, great vibes and who doesn’t love brunch? Although their menu is not wholly vegan or vegetarian, they have a vegan menu which is delicious! There’s plenty of options for the little ones, including the BEST pancakes I’ve eaten in a long, long time.

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January 9, 2022