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Trinity Kitchen Leeds - The perfect place to take a break

February 23, 2022


What I loved about it:

The super cute street food vans for a start. Trinity Kitchen is not what you would usually expect from a ‘shopping centre food court’, but then the team at Trinity always want to surprise! No vast expanse of formica tables and plastic chairs hemmed in by the usual fast-food joints (who shall remain nameless, but you know who I mean!)

Trinity Kitchen Leeds welcomes you with such a great, relaxed indie vibe.


Located on the top floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds city centre. Once you’re inside the centre its really well signposted.

Suitable for:

Friends, Families, Couples

Value for money (out of 10):



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Trinity Kitchen Leeds

Leeds is known as the shopping destination in West Yorkshire – and all those shoppers need feeding, right? Trinity Kitchen is bright and vibrant, and it is the perfect spot for a mid-shop pit-stop. There’s something for everyone, and as soon as you walk in, you know you’re not in a run-of-the-mill food court.

With a unique concept, Trinity Kitchen have launched six new street food vans, rotating the vendors every eight weeks to offer visitors the chance to experience various flavours and cuisines under one roof. The dinky little vans are kitted out with fully functioning kitchens plus personalised branded lightboxes, it’s as if they have always been there!

The new arrivals are a Peugeot J7, a Citroen H van, a horse trailer, a shipping container and a freshly converted VW camper. Over the coming months they will be home to a rotating line-up of up-and-coming cooks, chefs and street food aficionados, delighting the tastebuds of shoppers in Leeds. I was really excited when I got the chance to join the team at Trinity for their street vendors launch event.

I couldn’t possibly try everything on offer in one evening, it would have been a bit ‘woman versus food’! I’ll share what I did try, and what else looked good, but the best way to find out is to head to Trinity Kitchen Leeds and try it for yourself!

Spuds & Bro’s
Leeds based Spuds & Bro’s source all their products locally and they have a have a simple dream. A dream that one day all the people of the land will get to try Poutine! I’d never heard of poutine before, but I am now their newest convert. For the uninitiated, poutine is from Canada, a Québécois dish made of fresh-cut skin-on French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. This version, ‘Viva Las Vegan’ with vegan cheese and gravy was absolutely heavenly, who would have thought that you could bring chips and gravy to Yorkshire and make it this delicious?!? You’ll also be able to find Spud Bros at various food festivals in Yorkshire this summer.

Bao buns. I love them.

Remember the 2018 Disney short film, Bao?

I love them more than her!

It’s safe to say that the Ka-BAO have nailed them. I was so impressed by the tofu bao buns here, they are amazing – loads of tofu and the softest fluffy white bun that you could wish for. They have a good range of other vegan options too. This was easily one of the more popular vans of the evening, the aromas coming from the converted shipping container were mouth-watering. The gyoza looked real good too, crispy on the bottom and perfectly steamed.

Good Boy Burger
My lovely flexitarian husband gives his hearty recommendation to the bestselling Good Boy Burger that ‘melts in the mouth’ and is ‘perfectly succulent’. If you’re looking for a decent vegan option with this vendor, then their cauliflower ‘Arnie’ burger would be a great choice.

The Little Pasta Company
Known for their take home meal kits, this Surrey based business offers freshly made pasta, and sauces. The Little Pasta Company were Food and Drink Heroes GB 2022 award finalists for street food entrepreneur of the year, so they really are doing something right. Vegetarians should seek out the Burrata Ragu, it was so popular, it looked delicious.

Yorkshire Cheese Grill
It’s a straightforward concept for the Yorkshire Cheese Grill. They want to celebrate the great foods produced in Yorkshire, and what better way to celebrate the amazing Yorkshire cheeses than grilling them between 2 slices of Yorkshire bread! I literally couldn’t eat another morsel, but I’ve promised myself that I’m calling back in here to try the Vegan Cheese and Garlic grill – perfect excuse to have a little shopping break one lunchtime!

All in all, Trinity Kitchen is the perfect alternative to a more traditional food court, and with the new additions there really is something for everyone.

Didn’t see anything that you fancy? The permanent vendors might be able to tempt you!

Something of a legend in Trinity Kitchen, Pho serves vibrant Vietnamese street food, made fresh as you wait. Great for vegan/veggie options.

Burgers, waffles and milkshakes on the go!

Rola Wala
Mouth-watering Indian Street food and flavours, and for every roll you buy they provide a school meal to a hungry child

Artisan pizzas, sides and salads, with vegan options available – great place for an Aperol spritz if you fancy a treat!

Absurd Bird
Mostly chicken burgers and waffles, but with options for vegans and vegetarians.

Doner Shack
Serving kebaps (a kebab in a bap!) and salads – falafel with mixed salad available for vegans.

Thanks for reading!



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February 23, 2022