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Paintballing in Leeds – Why Skirmish is a great choice

June 30, 2022


What I loved about it:

The flexibility to be able to tailor the day to your own needs.

Want to bring your own food and drinks? Fine.
Want to buy more ammo so the kids can go wild? No problem.
Fancy dress? Absolutely!


Bramham Park, Leeds

Suitable for:

Friends, Colleagues, Groups, Birthdays

Value for money (out of 10):



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A long awaited birthday party

Sporting some camo overalls, a bright red hopper and a gun nearly as big as his himself, I don’t think that my youngest son, Mack, has ever been happier!

I never thought that I would be writing a recommendation for an activity that is perfect for a 12-year-olds birthday party or a stag/hen do, but here we are. Turns out, Skirmish paintballing in Leeds has you covered!

Mack really wanted a paintballing party for his birthday but – sadly for him, his big day is New Years Day.

I’m sure this will have it’s benefits in the future but at the moment he sees it as a massive inconvenience. We’re often away visiting family and there have been so many things that he has wanted to do on his birthday that just aren’t open. Anyway, suffice it to say, by the time the weekend of the paintball party arrived, he was super excited as we jumped in the car.

The Skirmish set up is great, the perfect venue for paintballing in Leeds, tucked away on Bramham Park Estate with acres of space to run around, a covered ‘base camp’ seating area and marshals who facilitate the games, to keep safety in mind.

I was initially a bit concerned because there was a hen do and two stag dos there already. This meant that the children would be playing alongside adults as well as another couple of boys celebrating their birthdays. I needn’t have worried though, the games were very well structured, and the team made sure that everyone had fun and that the games ran safely and smoothly.

Upon arrival we were shown to our ‘bay’ which was our own area for break time and refreshments. Each child was given a hopper (ammunition holder) and the protective kit to get changed into. The boys were in a mixed group with the stags and the other birthday parties. Their battle team was determined by the colour of the hopper that they had been given, so they were spread across the two teams.

Before the battle began, there was a full safety briefing, then it was goggles on and in they went! For health and safety reasons, non-players weren’t allowed in the battleground, so my husband and I went for a little walk in the surrounding woodland, before unloading the food, drinks, and cake from the car.

After two games the boys came tumbling out of the battleground, pink faced, covered in paint, thirsty and with war stories to tell. You know how the volume goes UP when you have a group of kids that are having a good time!! After a quick drink, a rest and some tactic talk, they were back in again for more games, leaving my ears ringing from all the excitement.

It’s a parents dream in terms of flexibility, you can take your own refreshments, drinks, food etc or you can buy from the kiosk. They had two breaks between games which was plenty of time to eat and have the cake. At the end of our session all the boys were beaming, chattering loudly about who hid where and who captured which base camp. They were full of it, all the boys had really enjoyed the afternoon and they were all eager to get another session booked in. You can’t say fairer than that.

The details…

There are activities available for children from age 6+, mini paintball for age 8+ and children age 11+ can play paintball on the regular sessions.

Prices start from £25 per child for a half day, with equipment hire and also includes 300 paintballs.


This is a Girl About recommendation. This means that it was not gifted in return for a review but paid in full by me (if a cost was applicable) and the venue had no idea that I was visiting. We only recommend places we absolutely love, and places that we know you’ll love too!

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June 30, 2022