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8 Incredible Sunset Spots in The Lake District - Review of Fine Bedding Company ‘Night Owl’ Outdoor Duvet.

January 11, 2022


What I loved about it:

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Outdoor Duvet is a packable, warm, portable and sustainable outdoor duvet that you can cosy up under around the fire, out camping, with friends or relaxing at one of the great sunset spots in The Lake District.


The Lake District National Park

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Fine Bedding Company ‘Night Owl’ Outdoor Duvet

The Night Owl Outdoor Duvet has everything I would look for in an outdoor duvet for travelling. The whole thing is packable and easy to carry. The duvet packs down into its own bag that has its own carry strap too. You can chuck it over your back or put it in your backpack.
The Fabric is light which means it can pack down easily and you’re not lugging a traditional duvet up a hill or struggling to get it into the back of your car.

The outdoor fabric is water-resistant ripstop nylon, perfect for repelling dirt and splashes of water. There’s no need to worry about splashing your champagne (or beer) down it, or ig you get caught out in some of our classic Lake District weather, this nylon will fend it all off.

The insulation inside is made of synthetic material. The 100% Smartfill is made from recycled PET bottles that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfills. I am a big fan of anything that helps create a more circular economy, so this is a huge plus.

Synthetic insulation on the inside means more warmth, even when it’s damp outside. For the outdoor gear nerds like me (feel free to skip this bit) having synthetic fill instead of down is not only good for sustainability and ethical reasons, but it means that it’s going to keep you warm even in damp conditions. Down from a bird loses up to 80% of its heat retaining properties in the damp conditions we get here in the UK and synthetic keeps up to 80% of theirs. Therefore, the synthetic Night Owl Outdoor Duvet is also the better option for you, your purse and the environment.

Nerdy gear hype over, back to the good stuff!

On the inside of the duvet, it is lined with a polyester fleece reverse which is the softest and cosiest thing against your skin and to wrap around you on a cold evening. You really feel like you could snuggle down with a hot chocolate and stay and watch the sunset and not have to worry about getting cold and going home.

The colour of the inside is a lovely off-white which did pick up some dirt and mud. This could be an issue as I wanted to use the Night Owl duvet inside as well as out. However, the whole thing is machine washable at 30 degrees. No special handwashing and no trip to the dry-cleaners. This is something that the Fine bedding company pride itself on and I LOVE it. I hope you do too!

Some other incredible sunset spots to use your Night Owl Outdoor Duvet in The Lake District. I’ve tried to find some incredible locations that are a mix of mountain favourites and accessible, easy to get to locations.

Orrest Head – A great, circular walk. Perfect for the whole family to do right from the centre of Windermere. The trail is easily marked and you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of Windermere. Take a picnic, glass of wine or even dinner to celebrate beautiful sunset sports in The Lake District.

Loughrigg – An hour or so’s walk out of Ambleside, or a great walk up from Rydal Water. The top of Loughrigg faces North West – great for a Summer Sunset.

Castlerigg Stone Circle – Park on Eleventrees and simply cross the road to the Castlerigg Stone Circle, or walk from Keswick to make a lovely evening stroll. The Sunset looks down over Keswick and the Derwent Valley. Take in all of the information and history here as it is a spectacular sunset spot in The Lake District.

Wansfell – A few hours walk out of Ambleside, but totally worth it for the views. This west-facing summit takes 180-degree views down to Windermere and beyond. One of my favourite sunsets spots in The Lake District.

Kirkstone Pass – Sunset spots in The Lake District don’t have to be hard walking, or even need you to get out of your car. The top of the Kirkstone pass sits at 454m up and there’s even a pub for you to grab a pint and a bowl of chips at. Doesn’t get much better than that for sunset spots in The Lake District.

Warnscale Bothy – Bothy’s were small huts built in for mountains, traditionally for miners or shepherds to shelter or stay in whilst they were working. Warnscale Bothy, up the valley from Buttermere and only a 45-minute walk or so from the top of The Honister Pass. Worth a visit at any time of the day but sunset spots in The Lake District don’t get much more beautiful than this.

Ashness Jetty – Another roadside stop you should make in The Lake District is Ashness Jetty. Situated on Derwentwater, with parking 50m up the lane opposite you can have sunset fun on the lake all summer long here.

Blencathra – For that big Lake District mountain sunset then you can’t be Blencathra. In my opinion, being over 800m up and watching the sunset over the mountains is truly breathtaking. The walk is long, steep and would be challenging after dark. However, if you’re up for the challenge then it’s absolutely worth it!

Ravenglass – they often say for sunset spots in The Lake District that ‘west is best’ and you can’t get further west than Ravenglass. The only seaside town in the national park and the only way to see it set over the water, with nothing else on the horizon.


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January 11, 2022

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