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We are on a mission! 

– We are using our no-nonsense, straight-talking, unbiased and brutal honestness,

– We are using our expertise and experience in travel,

– We are using our extensive contacts across the travel industry,

– We are using the lot to empower women like you to create the most amazing holidays.

– Stress-free, with the surety of having Rebecca and I, and a network of female travel industry pros, plus a community of women to lean on.

– Women who LIVE to holiday

Why did we decide to create an online travel community for women in the middle of a global pandemic?

For the women who got stitched up and lost money on cancelled holidays because they booked with those God-awful faceless online travel websites. The faceless online holiday companies that really only care about the bank balance and don’t give a rat’s arse about your holiday, or getting you your money back to you if you can’t go through no fault of your own.

For the women who wanted unbiased, straight-talking advice from travel industry experts (that’s us by the way), on their rights and how to go about trying to claw some money back

For the women who wanted to research holidays for after the Covid shitstorm – with the confidence that recommendations were from other women they have something in common with.

Where is the club?

The Girl About Travel Club is an online space which sits within the Girl About website – girlabouttravel.co.uk.  It’s like a website within a website.

The Travel Club is packed with all of the stuff mentioned below.

At some point soon we will be charging a small monthly subscription fee because of the huge amount of resources, advise and expertise housed in this password-protected part of our website. 

There’s tons of content on the Girl About website that you can look at without having to log in – this content is mostly in the form of travel articles, reviews and blogs, penned by our network of Girl About’s across the UK. 

What's the value of the club?

Plan every detail of your holiday in our Holiday Hubs packed with advice, resources and inspiration, plus access to destination experts and exclusive and experience-led holiday itineraries that we've created using our network of brilliant travel companies

Get access to dozens of local experts from travel companies, tour operators and tourism boards. Use their on-the-ground knowledge to plan your perfect holiday. Listen to 10 minute destination conversations with destination experts and women who live locally so you really get to travel like a local

Get perks and offers to include special discounts on car hire, airport parking and airport lounges and get access to holiday offers via The Travel Club's dedicated travel agent - Charitable Travel. Plus give money to charity when you book a holiday at no extra cost to you!

So I can actually book a holiday through the club?

YES! Via our dedicated travel agent Charitable Travel.

We have our very own Travel Club concierge - her name is Lizzi, and she has tons of luxury travel experience as an independent travel agent. When a Travel Club Member makes an enquiry through The Travel Club Lizzi will pick it up and personally contact our members and get the ball rolling towards the most amazing tailor-made holiday. Whether it be one of the Travel Club's exclusive itineraries she books for you, a version of one of them tailored to your wants and needs, of something entirely different, Lizzi will nail it.

What women are saying about us...

Why is it FREE for a period of time?

There’s some pretty cool tech that we have used to create a Facebook-esque community chat within The Travel Club. A bit like Facebook, you can set up your own profile, join special interest groups and you can post travel-related content – your recommendations, any questions, requests, photos etc etc etc. 

Imagine if Facebook were only for women who love to travel with their loved ones, or alone. Imagine it without the ads you’re constantly served, and without the negativity. Imagine if were just for like-minded  women who want to discuss travel and holidays and get instant access to expert advice – that would be cool wouldn’t it?

It’s all set up but it’s going to take some time to get it really moving – what we need is like-minded women who love to travel to jump in and help us to start to build our Travel Chat forum and groups and shout from the rooftops about The Travel Club and all the amazing content in it. 

So that’s why we are giving you the opportunity to jump in now for free. In hope that you’ll help us create something incredible that’s not all about profit, but about women coming togeher to talk all things travel. 

The Travel Club will be open to join FOR FREE on 1st January and you'll get an email asking you to sign up and set up your profile.

If you love to travel this is a no-brainer.

And if you’re not convinced by now that the Girl About Travel Club is for you, then you’re probably not for the Girl About Travel Club.

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