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Halloween in Yorkshire - the most frightening Halloween experiences for grown-ups in Yorkshire

Prepare to be petrified with a round-up of the most frightening Halloween experiences for grown-ups in Yorkshire. Pack your big girl pants because you are going to need them!
Halloween isn’t just for the kids or family days out. Whether you laugh hysterically or scream in terror these Halloween experiences for grown-ups will certainly be memorable for years to come.

Most of these experiences are suitable for teens too but please check before booking. Also use your judgement! Don’t terrify the poor loves (or yourself) too early!

September 19, 2022


Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park, Wakefield

With 2 terrifying scare grounds and 5 blood curdling scare attractions this is the ultimate Halloween experiences for grown-ups in Yorkshire.
It is designed to thrill, scare and entertain you with live actors, authentic sets, atmospheric lighting and sound as well as static and moving props. Prepare to be traumatised!
The experience runs from 7th to 31st October every evening.

Hallowscream at York Maze

Hallowscream is York Maze’s terrifying attraction. For a night of fun and fear make your way around the 5 haunted house attractions. There will be a few surprises along the way with live actors roaming the ground, expect the unexpected.
The central entertainment zone will have live stage shows, a resident DJ and food and drink available. You may just need an alcoholic drink to calm your nerves!
On from 13th October through to 5th November. For the teens there is the Hallowtween event.

York Dungeon Lates

York Dungeon is putting on some over 18’s sessions this Halloween. Mixing theatre with special effects and intriguing storytelling, This late night experience will have you on the edge of your seat with all the surprises that are in store. Expect more scares, saucy banter, cheekier jokes than ever before.
Running every Saturday, pre-book now.

Stockeld Park Escape Rooms

In the most haunted farmhouse in Yorkshire you are your team are up against the clock to escape. Trapped inside the pitch black Attic or Basement you will need to use all your skills and knowledge to escape.
This exhilarating 1 hour Halloween experiences for grown-ups is suitable for over 12’s. Located on the Stockeld Estate this attraction is separate to the main park. Running from the 22nd to 30th October, are you game?

Scare Kingdom, Blackburn

On the Yorkshire Lancashire border, Scare Kingdom Scream Park is open this Halloween season. With 5 scare mazes and 1 scare event this really is genuinely horrifying. Discover what lies beneath, face the live actors head on and try and escape the maniac killers, blood-hungry human oddities, mystic Sybil & her divine prophecies and the supernatural. They are hell bent on causing you to skip a heartbent and scream in terror. Will you get out alive?!

Stately Superstitions: Eerie Encounters at Castle Howard

Explore the uncanny on this behind-the-scenes tour of the House where not all is as it seems. Venturing beyond the visitor route, below stairs, you will encounter a labyrinth of dark cellars and never-ending corridors. A stay longer than necessary provokes a sense of unnerving discomfort causing the imagination to try and make sense of the darkness. Flickers of light, footsteps, and the unexpected sounds of a servant’s bell can pierce the silent eeriness of these spaces, making this grand House feel somewhat awry. It is encouraged to stay close to your guide as they lead you through these ghostly cellars, dark passages, and fire-damaged rooms, revealing stories and surprises that will make those childhood beliefs you thought you’d grown out of suddenly seem very real…
Calm your fears with hotdogs and refreshments at the Fitzroy Café before your experience begins! This event runs evening of 21st – 23rd and 28th – 31st October.

Halloween Ghost Train at Whistlestop Valley

Are you brave enough to take a ride on the Ghost Train?! On the evening of the 29th and 30th October you can take the train to ‘Who knows where?’. Although children can attend you have been warned that you will ‘be scared our of your wits’ so it’s up to you whether you want them to attend if not.

Ghost Tours of the Historic Village of Haworth

The famous home of the Brontes the ghost of which are still thought to walk the moors. Along with the mysterious monks who walk the secret underground passagweways beneath the Church and the Old Hall Inn and the hanged highwayman on the routes between the pubs.
Attending a ghost tour here with local ghostologist you will be taken on a spooktacular ghost walk listening to age old tales of phantoms and spectres that haunt the lanes, ginnels, cobbled streets and byways of Haworth.
On most weekends head to their website for more info.

Spooky Shibden, Halifax

Join this ghastly walk through the narrow and shadow-filled rooms of haunted Shibden Hall listening to tales of terror and stories of the supernatural. What dark and macabre secrets does Shibden Hall hold? What phantoms and beasts hide in the dark woods?
On Friday 28th October only so be quick to book on.

Deathly Dark Tours of York

This Halloween why not go on a ghost walk through the most haunted city in England? On varying dates throughout the month you can walk the streets of York, be shipped out to the Old Chocolate Factory or for something more alarming have a night of face melting horror!
The latter is a show featuring ghost stories, paranormal sciences, music and the odd unexpected guest. The pinnacle of Halloween experiences for grown ups, this event is on from the 26th to 31st October.

The Ghost Bus Tours - York

The UK’s ONLY comedy-horror theatre experience on wheels you will be driven around the city of York taking in all the sights; Clifford’s Tower, Treasurer House, York Minster and Dick Turpin’s Grave.
On every day except Mondays you will unearth a lot of the secrets of York’s darkest corners. The cackling conductor tour guide will immerse you in a true theatre show experience whilst on board, but can you keep the terrible truths and sinister secrets under wraps?

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September 19, 2022