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How to restore balance to your menopause journey - at a New Forest Spa

November 25, 2022


What I loved about it:

Arriving at the Chewton Glen Hotel and New Forest Spa on a grey damp November day, you immediately know you’re in for a special visit. The friendly and welcoming greeting you get on arrival sets the tone for the rest of your New Forest Spa experience.

I loved the luxurious location, the absolute professionalism and skill of the therapists, and the amazing revitalised yet relaxed feeling you get after your treatment and time at the Spa, which is second to none.


The New Forest

Suitable for:

Couples, singles, groups, hen dos, birthdays, girls night out, LGBTIQA+ – this specific treatment is aimed at women in particular to help balance the stages of menopause

Value for money (out of 10):



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How to restore balance to your menopause journey

When I am not writing for The Girl About Blog Squad, I am a PT and Nutritional Coach, and I currently have hundreds of ladies that I help in various stages of their menopause journey.

One thing most of these ladies has in common is they don’t feel they have time for themselves, or they have lost the motivation to look after themselves as they did before these hormonal changes started to occur. Amongst the many recognised symptoms of menopause and perimenopause is tension, anxiety and a reduced level of coping with stress as well as various muscle aches and pains.

One of the things I always recommend is to try to take some time out for themselves, from improving their nutrition to finding exercise that is right for them and discovering ways to destress and find some balance in their lives.

So when I was invited to try out the new OTO body ritual at this incredible New Forest Spa, which is bespoke to you as an individual and tailored to your specific needs I jumped at the chance.

Designed to either re-energize, rejuvenate or balance your mind and body depending on your needs it was exactly what I needed and I knew would be a wonderful way for women in this stage of change to bring some restorative energy into their lives.

On arrival I was greeted warmly by the spa team and shown to my table for breakfast, this included a healthy and delicious range of fruits, yoghurts and nutritious chia puddings/Bercher mueslis, pastries and hot and cold drinks. Starting your day with some light but tasty and nutritious food is ideal, and the setting overlooking the main pool entices you into what’s to come.

I then spent an hour or so relaxing by the pool before I met my therapist to start my treatment. Michelle led me into one of the beautifully appointed treatment rooms that has that spa smell, one that immediately sends you into a state of calm and explained to me in full detail what the treatment would include any how it would work, and we chatted about the stages of menopause and how this treatment would benefit women in each stage. I instantly felt at easy and couldn’t wait to get started.

I could tell that Michelle was passionate about providing this experience and that certainly showed during the massage. She explained to me that during this full body treatment she would use “the power of CBD in curated massage oils blended with beautiful essential oils and specific crystals for placement” she also used special tuning forks that created sounds and vibrations that intensified the relaxation and calms the mind, muscles and joints.

The experience is accompanied by a fully immersive soundtrack that takes you even deeper into a wonderful state of deep relaxation.

As a fully qualified massage therapist myself, my own expectations and standards are set high and I can honestly say that both the previous (paid for) massage I had with Kate and this treatment from Michelle were the very best I have experienced, in any New Forest Spa and beyond. It is very clear that the staff are trained to exceptional standards but also take a pride and enjoyment in their work.

When you are receiving a holistic therapy it is so important to feel comfortable to get the very best out of the ritual and I couldn’t have felt more at ease and was in a state of contended bliss throughout.

All your senses are stimulated at just the right level from the scented aromas, the softly dimmed lighting and the warm touch of the therapist’s hands that seem to flow and naturally become at one with your skin, gently or if you prefer like me; a firmer pressure to ease away those tensions and knots that the stresses of modern life, and specifically the mid years of a woman’s life can bring.

At certain times the holistic element is more evident, with the strategic placing of healing crystals, which are said to release blocked energy stored in the body and mind.

The couch is heated and provides a lovely temperature during your treatment, you are covered by cosy heated towels after each area has been massaged with the warm oils, to keep those muscles relaxed and you in this constant state of zen.

Inside I was secretly praying Michelle would forget about the time and continue for another few hours as I seriously could have stayed there for ever, but sadly after 90 minutes my experience was over and I was gently brought back into reality. A refreshing raspberry sorbet was served to me and I felt both chilled and refreshed at the same time.

If I was to win the lottery I would be having this treatment on a weekly basis as I know the incredible benefits that holistic massage brings to both body and soul.

I was then free to continue my relaxation by swimming, using the award winning New Forest Spa facilities such as the hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam rooms.

The setting is idyllic with forest views and a hint of sea air. In nicer weather you could even take a stroll down to the sea.

The lunch is spectacular, both nutritious and tasty, with a huge selection of freshly prepared salads, cold meats and fish and a hot jacket potato, and if you’re feeling indulgent a small selection of desserts.

This stage of life can bring about all sorts of changes for women, but looking after ourselves by treating holistically, eating well, exercising to support our joints, muscles and heart and taking time out for relaxation, calm and balance is vital for our overall health.

This treatment combined with the superb luxury facilities at the Chewton Glen New Forest Spa provides the whole package, I couldn’t not recommend it or their therapists enough.

The Details

Taken from the spa brochure – “OTO is committed to producing results-driven CBD products, allowing everyone to discover the power of CBD luxuriously and ethically. The Spa massage treatments include re-energising to release the tension, rejuvenating to focus the mind, and deep relaxation to pause and rebalance. OTO’s treatments are designed to deliver as much CBD as possible through the use of award-winning products with a soundscape to accompany each, allowing you to find your space”

Treatment prices start from £130 for 60 minutes and £175 for 90 minutes, and the 90 minutes can be adapted for your needs, depending on your stage of menopause. I can’t see what anyone wouldn’t benefit from this though both young and old.

I think it is great value as the rewards to your state of mind and wellbeing after are long lasting.

You might choose to take a spa day or break, the Balance and Restore Spa day that I was invited to costs from £270 and you even receive a lovely gift to take home.

Please see the website for all offers on current New Forest Spa breaks and days.

Thank you to all at The Chewton Glen for inviting me and letting me experience a little piece of tranquility, it was very much appreciated.


This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

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November 25, 2022