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Holiday planning

Planning incredible holidays doesn’t have to be so time consuming

>> You need some proper destination expertise and assistance to plan - someone with all the knowledge, advice and answers

>> You want to do more than ‘fly-and-flop’ and you enjoy planning your holidays, so some time-saving help would be amazing too

>> You’re sick of trawling websites and reading fake reviews


Our Holiday Insiders’ Club puts you in front of the true destination experts. And they are REAL people! And it gives you resources to help you plan your perfect holiday, without all the hassle and noise.

The Holiday Insiders’ Club will transform how you book holidays post-Covid. With peace of mind and human interaction. Lean on our community of like-minded holiday-loving women across the UK

>> MORE than a sunbed by a crowded swimming pool and an all-you-can-eat buffet?

>> MORE opportunities to support the local economies of the destinations you want to visit and help good causes, rather than lining the pockets of big corporate tour operators?

>> MORE confidence to do something different, go somewhere new, and make the most amazing memories with your loved ones?

>> Do you want to return from more holidays, time and time again, knowing that it simply couldn’t have been any more incredible? 

Knowing that you discovered more, explored more, made deeper connections with the locals and like-minded people you met on holiday, and enriched your lives through the experiences, excursions and adventures you had.

That EVERYONE had the time of their life… it was ‘the best holiday ever!’ 

But instead of better and better holidays, you end up booking the same type of holiday every year, hitting the same continent and checking into the same hotel because you’re not entirely sure where to start planning that big adventure, you don’t know where to begin finding those special places or because you have an additional need. And it’s ‘easy’ because you ‘know what you’re getting’

If ANY of this rings true for you, then The Holiday Insiders’ Club is most certainly your next destination

We are going to change your holiday-planning life! And in turn, you’ll be embarking on the best holidays of your life.

Because life is TOO SHORT for mediocre holidays.

Life is TOO SHORT to waste hours and days on tedious holiday research, going round and round in circles with no real surety that what you are booking is going to tick all your boxes.


Founded in the pandemic by two travel industry experts and mums, The Holiday Insiders’ Club is a pioneering, new, female-only community-driven online subscription for like-minded women across the UK who want to travel better and discover more. Without hours lost to tedious holiday planning research.
It’s an online space for you to plan and book your holidays with peace of mind.
Get recommendations and ideas from other female members via the travel chat forum and Travel Tribe groups

And share your experiences, ask questions and read lots of brilliant articles and tune into Destination Conversations with the experts.  

holiday planning


Unrivalled direct contact with our on-the-ground destination experts;

chat to them in the Club via the Club’s direct messaging function. Let them help you plan your holiday.

holiday planning

Access to our exclusive holiday itineraries compiled by our experts

with detailed day-by-day ideas and inspiration – to help you plan once-in-a-lifetime holidays, every time.

holiday planning

The chance to join our monthly ‘Workshop your next dream holiday'

A small-group planning session with destination experts and a handful of like-minded women held online that covers in 25 minutes what typically takes 30 HOURS of internet research. Brainstorm and bounce ideas around – it’s a whole new way to plan your holidays with people who know the destination like the back of their hand.

A live interview with a destination expert

Discussing the holiday itinerary they’ve created and why they’ve included what they have. Either tune in to watch live and join the discussion or watch on replay.

Preferred hotel listings with detailed descriptions - all rated by us

These are the places that take hours and hours to find on the internet, and include everything from glamorous spas, chic chalets and villas, to treehouses, remote refuges and converted castles, they’re just the sort of places that we like to stay in. 

Access 101 resources on subjects including:

  • My First Family Ski Holiday – What I Need To know
  • Lapland – how to get the most out of a trip
  • Orlando – how to plan a cost-effective trip of a lifetime
  • And we’ll drop a new one in the Club every month!

Member-only access to competitions, offers and member perks

Get discounts on car hire, hotel parking, airport lounges and more. Plus regular competitions to win trips and holidays. 

Founders – Lyndsey & Rebecca – have 40 years’ experience in the global travel industry between them and even with all this knowledge of where to holiday, visiting over 100 countries between them throughout their careers in travel journalism and tourism board marketing, and on family holidays with kids, or with parents or friends, they find holiday planning lengthy and utterly tedious.


Because, until now, there hasn’t been a hassle-free, easy-access, reliable way of holiday planning if you want more than a bog-standard holiday out of the Tui brochure but don’t know where to start. 

Their experience of booking holidays, even with all the expert knowledge and industry contacts at their fingertips, is either…

Open their little black book of industry contacts and get on the blower

These ladies are fortunate enough to be able to pick up the phone and call someone in the industry who will be able to advise them on how to get the absolute best and most enriching experiences out of their holiday because it’s likely, between them, they know someone who knows someone who can give them the insider lowdown and non-bias advice, because they work on the ground, in tourism in the countries they call home. But… unfortunately, that’s down to who you know, not what you know (unless you JOIN the Holiday Insiders’ Club)

So the other option is to...

Conduct a lengthy research project online. Always a task that starts with excitement and with good intentions – you enjoy it initially, browsing, dreaming, reading. But then it becomes tiresome and frustrating. You go round and round in circles. Comparing prices is painful. You stumble across a negative review, or you read conflicting advice. You’re back to square one.

You get sick of...

  • Scouring the internet – hours and hours of trawling through blogs and articles, flitting from one website to another.
  • Reading faceless reviews on TripAdvisor from people you have nothing in common with. And that’s if these people, who are not your people, even exist. 
  • Trawling through third-party hotel websites looking for hidden gem hotels that you’ll never find in the big tour operator brochures and on their websites because these little indie hotels don’t have the money to pay to be featured.

YES! Many hotels pay to be featured in big tour operator programmes, which means those gorgeous little family-run places that promise a much more authentic, cost-effective and enriching holiday experience, rely on and etc to get their message out. 

Which makes those websites a big black hole of tens of thousands of hotels – some are incredible, some are a complete letdown, sometimes worse!  

It’s a bloody lottery. 

Especially if you can’t afford the hotels that have been awarded that psychologically important 8/10 or more customer satisfaction score. 

Because anything under an eight and the alarm bells ring and then more comparisons follow, right? 

More searching, more going round in circles. Convincing yourself that the hotel that Wendy in California has absolutely slated won’t be anywhere near as bad as the review she’s given it. Surely not?

  • And then when you do decide on where to go, how to get there and where to stay, the next task is what the heck to do while you are there.
  • How to cram in all those bucket list experiences you’ve read about.
  • The excursions Mildred in the office told you about because she went in 2018 and LOVED IT. But is your idea of a great adventure the same as Mildred and her family’s?
  • You might be travelling solo – in which case you want a totally different, more authentic and rugged experience because you don’t need to worry about little Elvis who will only eat chips and nuggets and refuses to walk more than a mile at a time.
  • Or you might have a loved one who has additional needs, and then your holiday planning becomes even more complex.
  • A nightmare scenario is you return from your once-in-a-lifetime holiday only to be told that you’d left something absolutely incredible out. Because you knew nothing about it.
  • Or worse – you return and you didn’t have the holiday you had hoped for and shelled out a lot of your hard-earned money on. It didn’t live up to your expectations.


There are over 2,000 tour operators in the UK ready to book your package holiday.

On top of that, there are a whopping 5,000 UK travel agents who are Members of ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agencies).

>> Where do you even start?

>> Who do you trust?

>> How do you find the right person who sells holidays who has the insider knowledge that you need to help you plan that once-in-a-lifetime holiday every time?

We have evolved into a society that relies so much on recommendations and reviews from people who we know nothing about and have nothing in common with – these websites’ no.1 goal is to make ££££ so these reviews are infiltrated with holiday offers and content that will pull you in every direction, aimed at distracting you and pushing you to book/buy what they want you to book/buy.

Noise – there’s so much noise online.

But what if you could log into a safe place online where that noise is no longer?

Those personally targeted ads and fake reviews don’t exist?

That place is the Holiday Insiders’ Club.

What you get for your £5.99 a month:

  • At least two tailor-made holiday itineraries put together by one of our trusted travel partners and ready for you to book. And if they are not quite perfect for you and yours, then our travel partners will work with you to make the holiday itinerary ‘more you’.
  • The chance to join our monthly ‘Workshop your next dream holiday’, a small-group planning session with destination experts and a handful of like-minded women held online that will cover in 25 minutes what typically takes 30 HOURS of internet research. Brainstorm and bounce ideas around – it’s a whole new way to plan your holidays with people who know the destination like the back of their hand. Available to watch on replay at any time.
  • A live interview with a destination expert, discussing the holiday itinerary they’ve created and why they’ve included what they have. Either tune in to watch live and join the discussion or watch on replay
  • A travel planning resource. Whether it’s a destination-specific introduction, a 101 guide to a type of holiday, or a top 10 accommodation guide, it’ll be packed with practical AND inspirational content to help you travel better and discover more;
  • And every month we’ll be signing up more female travel destination experts as Club members, so you can contact these women directly and discover all you need to plan incredible holidays.  Our mission is to have HUNDREDS of female experts at your fingertips!


holiday planning

Check out the News Feed for all the latest activity, including updates from our experts, exclusive holiday itineraries and inspirational features

Join relevant Travel Tribes – micro-communities that work like a Facebook Group for like-minded women with something in common – solo travel, travelling with additional needs, big families, travelling with babies – we’ve set up over 20 of these groups for you to get involved in conversations and to ultimately help you plan the holiday of your dreams, whatever your situation. 

Visit the Holiday Hubs, our ever-growing and evolving content hubs full of curated information, resources, articles, experts, conversation replays, accommodation suggestions and bookable holiday itineraries, themed by geographical location or a specific holiday type.

holiday planning

There is nothing like The Holiday Insiders’ Club.
The value in it is insane!

The Holiday Insiders’ Club is for you if you are frustrated with...

> Not feeling the required level of confidence and trust in the reviews you read online

> Spending hours and hours trawling through blogs and articles, flitting from one website to another

>Reading faceless reviews on TripAdvisor from people you have nothing in common with

> Trawling through third-party hotel websites looking for hidden gem hotels

> More searching, more going round in circles

> Not knowing who to ask to get the right information

> Not being able to find the support and advice you need or the hotel/holiday you feel comfortable with because you have additional requirements and needs to consider for you and your family

> The worry that comes with rocking up at a hotel and not knowing what you’ve let yourself in for because of what you’ve read online

> Returning home and feeling very underwhelmed by the holiday you’ve forked out your hard-earned cash on

> Lining the pockets of big corporations when more of your hard-earned money could be going to the small intermediary businesses and experts within the country you are visiting

And if you’re not convinced by now that the Holiday Insiders' Club is for you, then you’re probably not for the Holiday Insiders' Club.

Please remember – booking holidays via third party travel websites is seriously risky.  A risk not worth taking because there are so many things that can go wrong, and no one at the end of the phone if you need to make changes, cancel or if something goes wrong.

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