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After working in Early Years for a decade, I turned my attention to the things I really love in life: family, writing and travel. I’m an experienced blogger, author and mum to three. In no particular order my hobbies include: reading, writing, drinking wine, long walks up a mountain, exploring new places and family film nights with hot chocolate. When I’m not drowning in laundry you’ll find me striding through the Northumberland hills with my family.  
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My itinerary for a brilliant weekend adventure break in Northumberland

When people think about planning a weekend adventure break in Northumberland, I think they will naturally gravitate towards to coast. I don’t blame them: castles, cycle routes and swimming in the North Sea? Ideal for adventure seeking enthusiasts. But I also believe there is so much on offer in land, that really needs to be explored.

Therefore, I have put together an itinerary for a brilliant weekend adventure break in Northumberland that will hopefully provide some fresh inspiration and get you itching to book your Northumberland break straight away. You will need a car for this particular adventure as Northumberland is vast and you may struggle to get around without one. Also don’t forget to pack your walking boots, towel and comfy clothes- you’re going to need them!

The county of Northumberland has it all: dramatic rolling hills, a stunning coastline, the space to breathe and take stock. If you are looking for adventure with a comfy night’s stay whilst sampling the best local produce, then read on and be prepared to feel inspired.

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Beth Wardell | Girl About Northumberland | 02/03/2022



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